Jerusalem 2009

11/08/2011 | Israel | Edition: 1

"Jerusalem Grand Court Waiters Race"

World Race : Race qualifiying for WWR Classic Tray category
Label : Classic tray

Race id

Race open to : Men only, Pro
Divisions : Professional Men
Speed : Running is forbidden
Attire : traditional
Tray : glass of wine, a bottle of wine and a dish
Relay : No relay race
Inscription : Indivual
Location name : Grand Court Hotel
Start : Near to the Grand Court Hotel
Spectators on race: 200-500
Competitors on race : 20-30
Competitors registered : 20-30
Division pro : Pro Men


Route format : A to B to A
Relay : No relay race
Obstacles : Race without obstacle challenges
Speed : Running is forbidden
Attire : Traditionnal Classic
Bottles : 1
Glasses : 1
More tray details : glass of wine, a bottle of wine and a dish
Tray check : Missing items check, Spilled liquid check
Otehr rules : no damage to the tray allowed, no spilling.


Name : Jerusalem's Grand Court Hotel
Industry : Hotel




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Race results

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1Bassel HalawaniGrand Court Hotel

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