Waiters Race in other languages

For sure, waiters races travelled a lot. This event has its own translation in almost all the countries! Have a look to this lexicon and complete it:

English: Waiters Race
French: Course des garçons ou course des garçons de café
Italian: Corsa dei camerieri or gara dei camerieri
Spanish: Carrera de camareros or carrera de mozos or carrera de los mesoneros
Portuguese: Corrida de garcons or corrida da Bandeja
German: Kelnerwedloop or kellnerlauf or kellner rennen
Dutch: Kellnerwettlauf
Croatian: Utrka konobara
Macedonian:Трка на келнери
Russian: Соревнование официантов or Конкурс официантов
Polish:wyścig kelnerów
Romanian: Intrecerea Ospatarilor

If you are speaking another language and know how to say waiters races in your language, please send us the translation or submit it as a comment to this article!!


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